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How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked... For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor.
Psalm 84

Making Music. Building Relationships. Knowing Your Purpose

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My everyday routine is nothing out of the ordinary, I go to work from Mondays to Fridays, and go to Church every Sunday. But if there’s one thing that’s different from other people’s everyday routine, it’s that, I spend my weekends in Church. Believe it or not, Jubilee is my 2nd home, and aside from my loving home, it is my comfort zone.

4th Sunday Band Practice at JEC Band Room

4th Sunday Band Practice at JEC Band Room

Going to Jubilee every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, is just a normal routine for me. Even though I have practically nothing to do there, it has been a habit of mine to stay there. This routine started 3 years ago when I joined the Sunrise Praise and Worship team, where Fridays and Saturdays are spent for practice, and Sundays are the days that you get to play for the congregation.

“Hear this you kings! Listen, you rulers! I will sing to the Lord, I will sing, I will make music to the Lord, the God of Israel.” – Judges 5:3. Music is one of the few hobbies that I enjoy. Never did it cross my mind that I’ll be joining a band someday, not to mention a Church band. I considered playing the piano and the guitar a past time hobby, not as something that I could even use in the future, until now that is. I was invited to join due to the lack of instrumentalists, and at the same time, I thought to myself that this might be an opportunity for me to be able to serve God by using my talents.

Ritchie & Jen

Ritchie & Jen

If there were important things that I have learned from this ministry, it’s establishing and valuing relationships with people, and knowing your purpose in joining this ministry. I value my relationship with my band mates, and it’s something that I will never trade for anything. My band mates are one of the most treasured set of friends that I have, and even though we have our ups and downs, I still love, treasure, and value them to the point that it breaks my heart whenever we have disagreements or arguments. We treat each other like siblings, thus we experience fights or arguments due to the fact that we sometimes clash with each other’s ideas, but the fights would only last for a moment, after that, it’s as if nothing happened. We play jokes to one another, and because of my height, I was usually the target of their jokes, but I didn’t mind. We encourage one another, when we feel that one of us is not having a good day, and we try to cheer them up. We talk and share our stories through devotions and sharing time, and most importantly we worship and serve the Lord through our God-given talents, which is music.

Orton, Jen and Richie at Powercamp 2010

Orton, Jen and Richie at Powercamp 2010

I joined the band when I was still in college, so I never thought that there will come a time that we would go our separate ways. Apparently I was wrong, eventually one of my friends need to go away to work abroad, some got busy in school (we are not of the same age by the way), while some just got burned out and opted to find another ministry or to lie-low. Thus, we are being faced with a challenge to recruit new band mates, not only for our band, but also for other bands as well.

 Recruiting new set of people for the ministry is not as easy as I would like to picture it. You see, talent is not the only important factor for you to be able to join, it’s your purpose what’s important. Sure, you may have the skills and the talent to play or sing, but if you don’t have the “heart” and the right “purpose” for joining, then I’m sorry, you don’t have the part. Bill Hybels, a pastor in Willow Creek Church said that when he was recruiting a fantastic group of people for their Church he looks for the 4 C’s which are Character, Competence, Chemistry, and Culture, and I believe in those 4 C’s. Your purpose for joining the ministry and the 4 C’s Bill Hybel said is much more important to us than being great with your talents. We can teach you to play the guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, and sing even if you’re not that good, but all we need is that you have the heart and the right purpose for joining. Your purpose is to serve the Lord and bless the congregation, not to show off just to make you known and let your friends feel how cool you are by playing in a band. Remember, you are joining a Church band, and you are here to play for the Lord.

Group Picture with Daughter Churches' Band last Praise Night 2009

Group Picture with Daughter Churches’ Band last Praise Night 2009

Life in a Church band I may say is just one of the many wonderful experiences that I don’t want to end, because it’s something that I enjoy, and it’s where I get comfort from my band mates. Our chemistry with each other is something that I treasure most and I admire them a lot because you know and you’ll see that their hearts are on fire to worship God, and their talents are being used not to impress people or to receive praises from people, but to worship the Lord. Each time we play, I remind myself that what’s important is that we bless the congregation as what is stated in 1 Peter 4:10, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” As a group, we make it a point to remind ourselves how much we value our relationship with each other, how we need to nourish each other to grow in Christ, to encourage one another, and most importantly to re-evaluate our purpose in the ministry which is not to show off our talents, but to use it to bless the congregation, and most importantly to use it for the glory of God.

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  • Erlinda Tan

    PTL! The BAND helps enhance our worship and praise to the Lord Almighty! Keep it up! What better way to serve our GOD than with a talent He gave, and doing it with friends? (as an aside, am personally glad to see a GIRL in the band. Hope you stay on for a long while more).