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How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked... For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor.
Psalm 84

Be Fruitful


December 29, 2019


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Be Fruitful

Luke 13:1-9

My Sermon Notes from December 29, 2019 Full Text: Luke 13:1-9

事告訴耶穌。 2 耶穌說:「你們以為這些加利利人比眾加利利人
更有罪,所以受這害嗎? 3 我告訴你們:不是的!你們若不悔改,
都要如此滅亡。4 從前西羅亞樓倒塌了,壓死十八個人,你們以
為那些人比一切住在耶路撒冷的人更有罪嗎?5 我告訴你們:不
6 於是用比喻說:「一個人有一棵無花果樹栽在葡萄園裡。他來
到樹前找果子,卻找不著, 7 就對管園的說:『看哪,我這三年
土呢?』 8 管園的說:『主啊,今年且留著,等我周圍掘開土,
加上糞,9 以後若結果子便罷,不然,再把它砍了。』」
1 Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans
whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. 2 Jesus answered, “Do you think
that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they
suffered this way? 3 I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish. 4 Or
those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them—do you think they
were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? 5
I tell you, no! But unless
you repent, you too will all perish.”
6 Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, and he
went to look for fruit on it but did not find any. 7 So he said to the man who took care
of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree
and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’
“‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and
fertilize it. 9 If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”
(路加福音 Luke 13:1-9 )


Discussion Questions:
1. What are the opportunities that God has given us?
2. In what way can we be accountable?

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