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Psalm 84

Bibles Online & On-the-go

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Technology plays a big role on our lives. It has enabled us to communicate around the globe at our immediate convenience. Everyday tools that help us function efficiently in our daily lives are molded as much as possible into one small gadget. The Bible is no exception. Whether on the internet or on our smartphones, you can now read/study the Bible wherever you may go. Here are some useful and free online/offline tools operating on various platforms that enable you engage in God’s Word right in your own pocket.


Youversion.com was created by LifeChurch.tv way back in 2007. It has long evolved into just an online Bible. You can read the Bible on your preferred version online. With creating an account either with Facebook or your email, you can access additional features of their website such as their online community where you can join study groups and their live events, listen to the audio Bible, save your bookmarked verses, create notes, share verses on Facebook or Twitter and sign up for reading plans or create your own personal plan for your spiritual growth. You can also link your Facebook or Twitter account to find friends already on YouVersion.

You can also download their mobile version (available in all mobile platforms) for your phone so you can read the Bible wherever you go.


eBible.com (previously ooBible) offers a simple and clean interface with the basic features of an online Bible such as creating notes, highlighting/bookmarking verses and sharing verses on Facebook and Twitter. You will have to sign up before accessing their service. They also offer reading plans, concordances, commentaries and dictionaries. What’s interesting is that they have related articles pertaining to the topic of a specific chapter which offers explanations on usual questions such as the geanology difference between the book of Matthew and Luke.

eBible app for mobile is only currently available for iPhone and iPad. You can access a mobile version of their website on other phones.


Bible.is was created by Faith Comes By Hearing, the same ministry who provides the Audio Bible feature on Youversion.com and creates Audio Bibles in 627 different languages. Bible.is enables you to read and listen to the Bible for free. Creating an account lets you create bookmarks/highlights on verses, notes and sync your verses between web and your device.

Bible.is mobile is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.


CadreBible is a free Android app that provides not only a offline Bible but has Dictionaries, Commentaries, Devotionals, Cross-References and Reading Plans as well. You only will have to go online to download additional versions of its’ contents.

ESV Bible

ESV Bible (English Standard Version) by Crossway is available for free on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. An offline Bible with Concordance, Bookmark verses and Share verses (Twitter) feature.

Bible Reader

Bible Reader by Olive Tree is one of the most comprehensive Bible and Resource tools around.  You can bookmark/search verses, create notes, share verses via Facebook & Twiter and snyc with your other devices. There are different Bible versions, Commentaries and Resources available for download so you can access them even when offline. Available on Mac, Windows PC (Soon), iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad), Android, Kindle & Nook.

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