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How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked... For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor.
Psalm 84

Detoxifying Life for God

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The life of a student is filled with tons of information, social events and consists of a problematic lifestyle. In fact, this lifestyle happens almost all the time within the year, most especially during the “ber” months. And, when the school year enters the “ber” months, it’s the time to enter the “bery” (very) hectic and stressful moments of the entire school year.

It’s the load and the intense level up of expectations that keep the students in their study hat, knowing that the students have already gotten accustomed to the style of teaching and method of testing. So, when the weekend arrives, it’s game on to the television and the computer. It’s every student’s breaking-free days.

Also, many social events come their way during the end of the school year. I mean, a student needs to work on their social life too. Therefore, their complete access to the internet allows them to surf their way into social networking sites and work their profile. Many eventually concentrate more here than what is in the midst of reality.

Then, you know the usual cyber bullying and peer pressure. Additionally, depression has become a hit among the youth. Also, evil thoughts corrupt the minds of the youth and bring forth a different message. These break down students and eventually lead them astray from their studies and their goals in life. Ultimately, these add up to the problematic lifestyle that each student have to face. What more can they handle?

So, with all these around, there are various cases of extreme exhaustion, the coughs and colds, and even getting cloudy or muddled thinking. They all lead to the top ranking teenage issues, such as skipping meals, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet and more. The STRESS is deadly!

If you are one of these people in the on-going process of your head bashing into the wall because of the tension and pressure, then it’s about time that you do some detoxifying in your system, even just a tad bit.

When you detoxify your system, there is a release of not only the inner tightness that holds you back from being free from doing what you want, but also the loneliness that displaces you from the rest. It’s just like fasting and meditating to achieve the peace that will overcome you and bring a sigh of serenity and joy.

But you know what; this is just a common thing that normally happens in a teenage life, and actually even in the lives of adults. These can all be solved in a matter of just having a time for everything and at the end of all the detox, you go back to just the way you were before. Eventually, it will turn into a stress cycle. However, there is this one important element in a person’s life that is missing all throughout the cycle. Actually, it doesn’t even fit in the cycle because this element has long been ignored. This element is God. We forget about God. The only time we take notice of Him is when things go awry and when you need a miracle on something that may be impossible. Nevertheless, we focus more on our daily activities and never take a time to just stay still, be silent and be with Him.

Perhaps it’s the world today that keeps pushing us to move forward. There are times when we would have to fall back a little and then go on. We get it. But we are just like horses with blinders on them, always going one way and never taking notice of anything else around in fear of being distracted. Because of this, we forget to look around and find God, even though He is just right beside us.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has these moments, when we are too busy for God. And yes, it can be this guilt feeling that we are no longer close to God. But don’t worry, thankfully, not only is God a forgiving Father but also there are tips for us to get back on track in our Christian lives. So, with these few steps of natural detoxification and with continuous practice, we will feel “complete” and our souls are at ease.

1. Cleansing the Soul with a Word of Prayer

They say that drinking water is one of the fastest and easiest ways to clean out your system naturally. That’s why it’s a must that one would have to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. If you wait until you’re thirsty, then it means that your body is dehydrated. This is actually a bad thing, considering that your body is diffusing so much water into your blood to help transport oxygen into your brain to give signals to your salivary glands to signal you that you are thirsty, therefore lacking water for the other processes in your body. So, it’s best to keep filling yourself with water. Plus, if you drink water, it helps remove toxins in your system that gives you the breakouts, such as pimples and perhaps the acids that still attach to the walls in your body that could lead to other matters.

Same thing goes with applying this in our Christian lives. One of the fastest ways of detoxifying a life filled with distractions and “blurred” focus on God is to pray. Praying can be done anywhere, any time. The importance of prayer is that it is our communication to God, a one-on-one session with Him without a need for appointments or a long queue. A silent prayer, even just a few words like “I love you, God” can be a way of communication and a way of releasing the inner tension. Don’t wait for your verge of breakdown before you look to God for His help. He’s always there even when you don’t need Him. Say hello and talk about your daily life. He can be your diary, your best friend. All you need to do is close your eyes and then talk to Him. You don’t have to be in your bedroom, the church or maybe a prayer room just to be able to do so. It can be in the laundry room, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom while you are on the process of number 2. Pray to Him. It’s the best chicken soup for the soul.

2. Eliminate All Impurities

If you want a clean system, you got to eliminate the things that might slow you down and even harm you. For example, caffeine might give you the boost of energy, but too much means a nervous breakdown and fast heart palpitation, which could lead to cardiac arrests and other serious cases. Some foods and drinks are just not good for your system or may have components that lead to your difficulties and worries. So, reduce or ban them from your diet and eventually, you may have a healthier life. You would even feel a lot more energetic and even lighter when you eat right and do things right.

As Christians, we release and eliminate all our guilt and sins to God. In short, it’s confession time. Through your prayer, you can actually talk to Him about your problems and maybe even rant out to Him. He is your pillow to muffle your screams when you need to release your frustration. He is your shoulder to cry on when you have a whole bucket of tears waiting to pour out. He is the One who you would look to when something’s wrong. So, just release it all out to Him. Confess your sins and consult Him about your situation. One thing nice about praying is that your mind would go blank once you have released it all out. When I say blank, it means that your mind, filled with the entire world’s problems and emotions, will be emptied out. Ultimately, you would feel relaxed and suddenly happy. It’s not because your entire wisdom has been absorbed out, but rather it gives space for that wisdom to be circulating around your head, without losing the trail of thought because of your problems.

3. Read the Bible to add Wisdom and Life in your daily activities

Body cleansing foods are good to your diet because they supply the essential nutrients to your body and also brush away all the toxins and bacteria that may still be attached to your system. An example is fiber. It is a great component in your food because it not only absorbs fats as they are digested and pushed down in your body, but it also helps in relieving constipation and even sluggishness. Your diet eventually would be balanced with not only the nutrient-supplementing foods but also the body cleansing ones.

The Bible is like such. Our problems may not be solved with just a simple consultation with a therapist or through a long Google research. So, the Bible is here to provide answers for us that may not be found automatically. Though it would take a while to understand the Bible fully, it does give us more knowledge on matters in our everyday life and advises us on how to live a spiritual life. In addition, it erases all the wrong ideas that are pushed into our head by those false prophets and media. We have to read our Bibles to prevent us from being misled by false information, like “May 21 is the end of the world” or “God is punishing us through the numerous and various strong natural calamities like typhoon and earthquake.” These help create further problems in our lives and eventually turn us farther away from our faith to Him. The Bible is our evidence of the Truth. They speak of the Truth! And therefore, we should refer to our Bibles when we have doubts on certain matters. It’s the Bible that will add on to our Wisdom about God and give us the right information about our lives.

4. Read Inspirational books and testimonies as your Supplement

The vitamins and the minerals are there to substitute your missing nutrients from your diet. At least, they help them give you the full package of a healthy meal and an active lifestyle. They boost your immune system and support normal growth and development. So, when you don’t eat your carrots, you have your vitamin A to help in supplementing your carrots.

That’s how inspirational books and testimonies add on to what the Bible provides. It’s not the touchiness and the tears that will benefit you from these, but rather the witnesses of God’s power and the Truth that add on to your faith. They make the evidences much stronger and further increase your belief. From here, you would further know which information to accept and not accept. These inspirational messages can not only be found in testimonies and books, but perhaps in a conversation amongst your cell group members or maybe even in your daily life, when you go out on the street, see something (that’s not of false information) that would capture your attention and be moved by it. So, it’s nice to look around more and see things that you may have never seen before.

5. Continuous Practice is Key

Like what all exercise video instructors say, “This program can do wonders in your body!” Actually, exercises, especially like aerobics, can indeed create wonders in your body. As you do the exercise, you would need to breathe to be able to keep going. It’s a non-stop workout my friend! $The good thing is, what you are breathing is pure oxygen and eventually it would certainly replenish your entire system with new and pure blood to circulate all over your body. Also, when you breathe in deeply, it helps clear out your lungs, allowing you to breathe more clearly through your nose. Plus, the intense sweating that usually results from such exercise helps get rid of your body of toxins through your skin. You will become the new and healthier you!

In our Christian lives, the final step to detoxifying is to continuously practice these steps and also continue accepting the challenges given to us by the speakers. When we do good deeds for others and try to change our lives from something so gloomy and heavy into something so bright and light in the spiritual sense, it brings us joy. Our speakers would post a question in our minds that would reflect on our old self. Then in response, we would meditate and put an action to our new devotion. In a way, we are applying what we have learned from the passages in the Bible and the message of the speakers. It’s a great exercise of our faith in God.

The detoxification process is complete. These steps should be able to guide you in becoming this new wholesome person that you would indeed love and continue to be. Remember, there’s a time for everything, and therefore there’s always a time for God.  So, are you ready? It’s detox time!

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